What can Pro do for you

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    Neat Design

    Follow Ant Design specification

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    Common Templates

    Typical templates for enterprise applications

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    Up-to-date Dev Stack

    Newest development stack of React/dva/antd

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    Designed for varies of screen size

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    Customizable theme with simple config

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    Built-in i18n solution

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    Best Practice

    Solid workflow make your code health

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    Mock Data

    Easy to use mock development solution

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    UI Test

    Fly safely with unit test and e2e test

  • Let’s Pro

    Run commands below, explore it!

    $ yarn create umi my-app

    Select the boilerplate type: Select Ant Design Pro

    Which language do you want to use? Select language you use

    $ cd my-app
    $ yarn
    $ yarn start # open browser and visit http://localhost:8000

    Need help? You can see documentation and faq first, and ask questions in GitHub if they don't help.