Upgrade to V4

Last updated on 2021-07-02 10:46:78

Upward Compatibility

Ant Design Pro 4.0 is compatible with all the features of 2.0, and upgrading from 2.0 to 4.0 does not require any changes.

Optional Upgrade

In Ant Design Pro 4.0, we abstracted the Layout into a separate single component, if you wish to replace your current layout with this new one. Read more on how to do so below:

1. Install Dependencies

Using npm or yarn, install the new pro-layout component:

npm i @ant-design/pro-layout --save


yarn add @ant-design/pro-layout

2. Replace BasicLayout

To replace the BasicLayout component, delete BasicLayout.js and BasicLayout.less in the src/layouts directory, and put in it's place the latest BasicLayout.tsx component.

Note: if you had modified the original BasicLayout component, you'll need to also apply your same changed logic in the replacement file as well.